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Houston Based Steam Cleaning and Power Washing Company

About Us

We are a Houston Based Steam Cleaning and Power Washing Company. We will be your best choice for steam cleaning of your Vent Hoods in your restaurant, power washing your roofs, driveways, carpet cleaning and etc.

Services offered:

Quarterly Vent Hood Cleaning for your restaurant

Most Insurance carriers require your restaurant to have your ventilation hoods cleaned to reduce your risk of starting grease fires due to poor ventilation over cooking area. We will keep you compliant.

Parking Lot and Side Walk Power Washing

We will make your customers happy to park in your lot and come back as repeat customers. All commercial parking lots should be professionally cleaned at least yearly.

Driveway Power Washing Residential and Commercial

We will come out and power wash your homes driveway or your businesses drive way. After completion, you will be following your homeowner’s association’s compliance rules and or give your business the best representation possible in the customer’s eye.

Carpet Cleaning Residential and Commercial

Carpet cleaning for your home or business is imperative at least once a year. Our proprietary cleaning process will sanitize your carpet to remove allergens and clean those annoying stains that come over time by foot traffic, pets, normal wear and tear, parties and etc

We can do custom cleaning by special order

Do you have a cleaning project that you need assessed, let us know, our professional team will give you bid and make sure that you have the most accurate information on how to get your project cleaned up? We can clean any major project that requires steam cleaning or pressure washing. Call us today!!!!

We make custom Steam Cleaning and Power Washing Systems

We have developed our own proprietary steam cleaning and power washing all in one systems.  Our prices are the most cost effective and custom fit for your steam cleaning or power washing needs.  If you need new equipment, we will build you a custom-built system for your steam cleaning, power washing or custom detailing business.  We make custom systems for any business that requires steam cleaning of power stream needs.

Contact us

10103 Fondren Ste. 340

 Houston, TX 77096

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